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A Perfect Circle Profile

Group Members:
Maynard James Keenan - Vocals
Billy Howerdel - Guitar
James Iha - Guitar
Jeordie White - Bass
Josh Freese - Drums

Sex: All Male

Formed By: guitarist Billy Howerdel and Keenan from band "Tool"

Nationality: American

Where They Met: Keenan had met Howerdel in 1992 when Tool opened for Fishbone. Howerdel was the guitar tech for Fishbone

Got Their Start: When the band Tool took some time off after an extended legal battle with former label Freeworld Entertainment

Whats Up Now: Currently on hiatus because of Keenan's commitments with Tool

How are they different from TOOL: less dark and more melodic with a theatrical, ambient quality

Profession: musicians

Debut Single: "Judith" from Debut Album "Mer de Noms", in 2000.

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