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A Perfect Circle Awards

A Perfect Circle Awards

California Music Award for Outstanding Debut Album "Mer De Noms"

RIAA Certifications:
MER DE NOMS 06/23/00 (Label: Virgin) Gold Album
MER DE NOMS 10/31/00 (Label: Virgin) Platinum Album
THIRTEENTH STEP 11/04/03 (Label: Virgin) Gold Album
eMOTIVe 12/09/04 (Label: Virgin) Gold Album
aMOTION 12/17/04 (Label: Virgin) Platinum Video Longform
aMOTION 12/17/04 (Label: Virgin) Gold Video Longform
THIRTEENTH STEP 03/24/06 (Label: Virgin) Platinum Album

ARIA Certifications (Australia):
The Thirteenth Step (Label: EMI) Gold Album (2004)
MER DE NOMS (Label: EMI) Gold Album (2000)

CRIA Certifications (Canada):
Emotive (Label: EMI) Gold Album (December 2004)
"Mer De Noms" (Label: Virgin) Platinum Album (March 2001)
"Thirteenth Step" (Label: EMI Music Canada / Virgin) Gold Album (November 2003)

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