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Young Gunz Quotes

We was in the studio with Swizz [Beats], and when he started hitting the bass we told him to keep it simple and we rhymed for 45 minutes. We were just going over to get some heat and that just happened.
Neef Buck

That will help us a whole lot. He will still go into the studio with us. If the beat ain't right, he will get us another producer to do it. He still works with us like he did when we first started. Now he can do it more, since he's not an artist himself, so he has more time.
Young Chris

We're from the city of brotherly love man. We did that album while we were touring with the Jay-Z and Friends tour. We knocked that out. Our in-house producer engineered that for us. There was so much going on, like the R. Kelly situation, problems at home and Roc-A-Fella split up, so we had a lot to talk about on this album,
Neef Buck

That's what Jay is doing. He's the president, owns a basketball team and takes a jet wherever he needs to go. I'm still walking through the airport with my bags even though we're in first clizzy [first class]. We're not big time just yet.
Neef Buck

It's on hold right now. Beanie Sigel is locked up right now. Freeway is working on his album and so is Peedi Crakk. We're on the road promoting.
Young Chris (when asked about State Property)

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