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Van Dyke Parks Discography

Van Dyke Parks Discography

Tokyo Rose
Release Date: 1989

A1 America (3:48) 
A2 Tokyo Rose (5:08) 
A3 Yankee Go Home (6:27) 
A4 Cowboy (4:35) 
A5 Manzanar (6:02) 
B1 Calypso (4:27) 
B2 White Chrysanthemum (4:00) 
B3 Trade War (4:40) 
B4 Out Of Love (3:18) 
B5 One Home Run (4:00) 

Release Date: 1984

A1 Jump! 
A2 Opportunity For Two 
A3 Come Along 
A4 I Ain't Goin' Home 
A5 Many A Mile To Go 
B1 Taps 
B2 An Invitation To Sin 
B3 Home 
B4 After The Ball 
B5 Look Away 
B6 Hominy Groove 

Clang of the Yankee Reaper
Release Date: 1975

A1 Clang Of The Yankee Reaper 
A2 City On The Hill 
A3 Pass That Stage 
A4 Another Dream 
A5 You're A Real Sweetheart 
B1 Love Is The Answer 
B2 Iron Man 
B3 Tribute To Spree 
B4 Soul Train 
B5 Cannon In D 

Discover America
Release Date: 1972

A1 Jack Palance 0:59 
A2 Introduction 0:27 
A3 Bing Crosby 2:21 
A4 Steelband Music 2:11 
A5 The Four Mills Brothers 1:28 
A6 Be Careful 2:48 
A7 John Jones 3:08 
A8 FDR in Trinidad 2:27 
B1 Sweet Trinidad 0:56 
B2 Occapella 2:41 
B3 Sailin Shoes 2:09 
B4 Riverboat 3:02 
B5 Ode to Tobago 5:13 
B6 Your Own Comes First 3:26 
B7 G-Man Hoover 2:55 
B8 Stars and Stripes Forever 1:00 

Song Cycle
Release Date: 1968

1 Vine Street 3:39 
2 Palm Desert 3:10 
3 Widow's Walk 3:13 
4 Laurel Canyon Blvd. 0:30 
5 All Golden 3:42 
6 Van Dyke Parks 0:58 
7 Public Domain 2:33 
8 Donovan's Colours 3:41 
9 The Attic 2:59 
10 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #2 1:19 
11 By The People 5:53 
12 Pot Pourri 1:07 

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