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Ralph Towner Quotes

Ralph Towner Quotes

In general with collaborations, if I know in advance who I’ve elected to work with or use, I choose and compose pieces I feel would be flattering and work well with the other musicians to show them off in their best light. With a solo recording, you have to play everything yourself of course. In a certain way, it might be even more difficult to compose enough material for solo guitar because it’s quite intricate to play the whole shebang—all the parts.
Ralph Towner

The thing is for my orchestral music to leave the improvisational sections to us and integrating it so it doesn’t sound like pop—like in one of those pops concerts where it’s just whole notes and everyone else sort of plays scales on top of it. This is real orchestral music. I’d say the challenge was trying to get it all recorded in a short period of time. We had less than six recording days with musicians who hadn’t seen the music. So, we were working 10 hour days.
Ralph Towner

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