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Ian Anderson Quotes

Many of the influences common to Jethro Tull and Gentle Giant will have come to bear at around the same time in our separate musical developments and there is bound to be some similarity here and there in our musical styles and phrasings as well as attention to detail and the concern to improve as musicians.

No, I would not have anticipated the ongoing reverence for such bands especially in the light of technological communication, but I guess you also find gun collectors and paedophiles on the internet if you look hard enough. I think, on balance, I would rather discuss and/or reminisce regarding Gentle Giant over a civilised glass or two at a cocktail party rather than journey in disembodied trance through the mysterious world of, as you put it, Cyber space. However, each to there own.

I remember a great deal of pressure on the part of Chrysalis Records and there management being exerted on Gentle Giant at the time to attain a more commercial level of success. I suspect some return on investment was required by record company and management alike and I would guess that at least some of the band would have really liked to enjoy the tangible benefits accruing to such a move for having struggled for so many years to support themselves as musicians. Personally, I believe their finest song to have been "Turning Around" from the final part of their career embracing as it does, all the legacy of their musicianship and eclectic interests together with a direct and relatively simple approach.

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