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Box Car Racer Profile

Box Car Racer Profile

Formed: in 2002 by Blink 182 members Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker

Genres: Rock

Tom DeLonge - Vocals/Guitar
Travis Barker - Drums
David Kennedy - Guitar
Anthony Celestino - Bass

Name Game: band's name comes from the B-29 Bomber which dropped the second wartime atomic bomb on the Nagasaki, Japan. The plane's name was "Bockscar". Tom has said in an interview that he has seen the name misspelled as "Boxcar".

Debut Album: Box Car Racer (2002)

Influences: Dischord Emo, Rites of Spring, Fugazi and Quicksand.

Did You Know:
Box Car Racer took a hiatus after their headlining tour in 2003.
DeLonge has stated publicly that the project is now defunct and will never reunite.

The Box Car Racer album poster can be seen in the background ending scene of the movie Along Came Polly.

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