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Zilch Discography

Zilch Discography

Bastard Eyes
Release Date: 1999

1 Electric Kyodaizingi Cucumber [J Remix] 6:41 
2 Fuct Fuctrack #6 [Charlie Clouser Remix] 6:08 
3 Pervert Hound [Pitchshifter Remix] 5:18 
4 Impose [Praga Khan Remix] 4:02 
5 Scratch Your Number [Dj Swamp Remix] 4:40 
6 Hello Hello Hello Goodbye [Ministry & Raven Remix] 5:13 
7 Repsychle [Tweaker Remix] 5:45 
8 Listen In Listen Up [Danny Saber & Mc Shabba D Remix] 6:00 
9 Sold Some Attitude [Ina Die & Kaz Remix] 4:31 
10 Superschaftrack [Schaft Remix] 3:54 
11 Sleasy Jesus [Dj Swamp Mcveigh & Ryder Remix] 5:20 
12 Queasy Jesus [Mcveigh & Ryder Remix] 

Release Date: 1998

Electric Cucumber 
Inside the Pervert Mound 
Sold Some Attitude 
Space Monkey Punks From Japan 
What’s Up Mr. Jones? 
Hey Man So Long 
Fuctrack 6 
Easy Jesus 

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