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Youth Brigade Quotes

That’s how it started for us and we had gotten into it because we were going to see all these rock bands that had nothing to say. They were just about sex, drugs and rock’n roll and making money. It was kind of like a lot of Punk bands are now.

Once the corporations get involved they take out all the intelligence and dangerous elements and water it down. They create bands. Like that label Drive-thru records. That’s all they do. They keep producing the same boring crap. I heard one band "New Found Dorks", they’re horrible, on the radio about a year ago. They were on their first big tour with Anti-Flag and Less Than Jake. The Anti-Flag guys were like "Who the hell are these guys?" I was driving up to this gig at the Palace and I heard them on the radio talking "Who are your influences"? Uh… "Storm Troopers of Death" and Blink 182.

Now you got a band with a little bit of the NOFX kind of sound, then they throw in that Rage Against the Machine breakdown and then combine all the popular elements of music into one song.

There’s been some rallies and stuff but it’s hard to get support after what happened last year. It’s still a touchy subject because people are pissed. They want revenge and it’s understandable. The fact is, if we go and bomb Iraq, we’re just giving the fundamentalists exactly what they want. You’re just saying “We’ll take the bait.? All the Muslims that are sitting on the fence saying, "Don’t hate Muslim people because of a bunch of assholes", just like we’re saying, “Don’t hate Americans because there’s a bunch of assholes in government that bombed your country?, and all those sitting on the fence will say "Well, now it’s war". They’re going to choose sides.

I still have a ton of respect for Fugazi. Ian’s still doing his thing. NOFX are good friends of ours. I have a lot of respect for Mike. He’s doing a great job with his label, Fat Wreckchords.

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