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Yellowcard Quotes

Um. Definitely. Absolutely. You can get a lot out of the record but, um, I don't know if you get the full experience but you definitely get a new perspective. It's kinda hard for me to give you that perspective, but you'd have to ask a fan. [Laughs]

We wouldn't be where we are at now if it wasn't for file sharing. That is how kids found out about us. It's hard to have a negative view on it, obviously.

It was used as like a party thing. When we were at a party and someone spilled thier drink, we just said that they got a yellowcard. It basically was just thought of 5 days before one of our shows. (on naming the band)

Ben Fold's Five. They're from the states, a really, really big influence. There's a drummer, a piano player and then a bass player. It's just amazing music, it's great.

Good. It's really cool, because they asked us to do an original song. We just wrote it and it's a really focused kind of a song which added to the fact that you can just produce something like that on command. It turned out really, really good. It's a five minute long song. It's like a pretty up-to-date statement of what Yellowcard can write. It's kind of like, it shows our progression from the last record. (on spideman 2 soundtrack)

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