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As a user of Euphonix, mixing my movies and music since the early days of the Company, starting with the digitally controlled analog CSII and CS3000, I realized that this is the only company that approaches the digital world in the right way. Euphonix, unlike other companies, rethought the whole recording, and especially the mixing concept from scratch and built a revolutionary console, the System 5, which is now very clearly the number one large format digital console in the world.

Euphonix was always driven by groundbreaking technology. It was an idealistic company obsessed with the perfection of digital audio and flexibility. They designed a very beautiful console, a great console, but they did not think market, which now turns out to be an advantage because they were not driven by profitability, they were driven by building the best machine. Euphonix now has the best technology. This superior nucleus is the base to develop the different markets; user friendly and all the specific features needed.

First I invested by buying stock about 4 years ago. Then I got closer to Euphonix, and supported the development of the first fully digital large format console, System 5, because I was convinced that in a world of propeller planes this company was working on a jet engine. To aggressively attack the large format post and broadcast market, my group of investors recently decided to commit sufficient funds in the order of six million dollars.

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