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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Quotes

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Quotes

I have my own studio, but I also record a lot of stiff at my producer’s studio in Astoria, NY. I don’t like to do too much recording at my own place because you kind of get too much absorbed in ‘yourself’ and the sounds that you have, the ideas that you have; actually I have started writing again this time I have considered doing the more of the project at home because there are some things I would like to do because I think I need to spend a little more time on. When you get into a studio, you tend to get under people’s financial and emotional time clock, there’s only so much that anybody can take of what you are doing and afford a lot of times and trying to make something work, but I think if I can do some of these things at home, I can get these things at exactly the point of where I want it, so I think with the next record, I think I’m going to do a little bit more of it at home. 
Chris Caffery

Before I stared singing, I definitely would write a guitar riff and record it and have a tape full of riffs and listen through it and find the ones that I want and maybe develop some of them into a song. Every once in a while, the song kind of wrote itself, where it would finish from start to end in your head and then I stared singing, so then I started writing lyrics and other things first; so whereas now other songs I’m completing I have completed the music and the melodies even before I have written one riff. 
Chris Caffery

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