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Starland Vocal Band Discography

Starland Vocal Band Discography

Late Night Radio
Release Date: 1978

1. Late Nite Radio
2. Don't Go to Oregon
3. Man Who Couldn't Get Away
4. Akron
5. Fly Away 
6. Write Your Life
7. Third Rate Romance
8. Everyman
9. Please Ms. Newslady
10. Friends With You

Rear View Mirror
Release Date: 1977

1. Liberated Woman
2. Mr. Wrong
3. Light of My Life
4. Too Long a Journey
5. Norfolk 
6. St. Croix Silent Night
7. Rear View Mirror
8. Fallin' in a Deep Hole
9. Prism
10. Don't Say Forever

Starland Vocal Band
Release Date: 1976

A1 Boulder to Birmingham 4:14
A2 Baby, You Look Good to Me Tonight 3:04
A3 American Tune 3:26
A4 Starland 3:04
A5 California Day 3:35
B1 War Surplus Baby 4:19
B2 Starting All Over Again 3:09
B3 Afternoon Delight 3:13
B4 Hail! Hail! Roch and Roll! 2:45
B5 Ain't It the Fall 3:40

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