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Rx Bandits Quotes

Rx Bandits Quotes

It must have been 1996, because I was 15 and had met our drummer, Chris Tsagakis, on Halloween of 1995. We played our first show on March 3rd of 1996 in Kelly Floyd's backyard.

Ska was definitely a more powerful, independent scene. There was a unified feeling with the people who went to the shows. I had been going to shows in '94 and '95, and around 1996 was when I started to see random people coming out to the shows—a more radio crowd, I guess—and I noticed a separation between people that wasn't there before.

It's interesting to see the different takes on ska and how different cultures interpret it. The first interpretation was in England, because a lot of Jamaicans arrived there and began to affect the youth culture. It's crazy to listen to those old records and see where everyone is from just by the content in their songs. As far as ska today, there are a couple bands that are coming up that are more traditional and really talented, like Chris Murray.
Stevie B

There are certainly enough people here to support that, but they have to get out of the mentality of only being interested in what is hip and what is cool. It is important to just listen to music without subscribing to a culture.

Until people change and decide they are sick of the product and the made up ideas and lifestyles created to sell millions and millions of records, the situation is not going to change. People need to decide what they want to get out of their music: if they just want to be entertained and numbed for a little while, or if they want something deeper than that.

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