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Pitbull Quotes

Pitbull Quotes

I'm not a Latin rapper, I'm a rapper that happens to be Latin, you feel me. With that said, I just want them to know where I'm from. Just like Jamaicans do, just like Puerto Ricans with Reggaeton. Just like black people with slavery, Jewish with the Holocaust, Cubans and Nicaraguans who had revolutions in their country, so I just want them to know my culture, my struggle, so they can learn from us as much as we learn from them.

I would say it's a melting pot, a lot of different music, a lot of different versatility, a lot of different topics being touched on the album.

I've planned a bunch of things with TVT, I feel like I'm bringing something new to them, opening doors. On the Latin side, I'm bringing them things hopefully they can handle, ‘cause a lot of Latin artists are gonna want to come through as big as I did, not just in their regions.

I been doing the mixtape thing down here for a while, so they been hearing me on that. So a record like "Culo" may touch nationally, with "Toma" I'm touching everyone with my hardcore following. I'm always sort of outdoing myself on these beats, and people are picking up on it, they're biting. The beautiful thing, like you said, is we are able to take this on the next level, meaning nationally.

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