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Paul Winter Quotes

Paul Winter Quotes

My sense is that we all did as little kids. All of us lucky enough to have some exposure to animals as children have an affinity. I think it’s in our genes, as a part of the larger community of life. It’s only with urban civilization that we’ve moved away from that. For me, when I heard the voices of the humpback whales in my 20s, it drew me back to a place or a sense of relatedness that I’d had as a kid. 
Paul Winter 

The protection and preservation of wild creatures; the humane treatment of captive creatures. I think this is an era in which animals have come back into our consciousness—particularly wild animals—we urgently need to reconnect with the whole life community. We are the youngest of all 20 million species on earth. Other creatures have wisdom as to how to be appropriate and harmonious in their environment which we haven’t yet learned. And there’s no guarantee whatever that our species is going to be a success story like these older species. We’re nature’s newest experiment, we’re maybe barely into our adolescence as a species and we’re by and large behaving as juvenile delinquents. 
Paul Winter

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