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Offspring Quotes

I was in a band without a label, and I was trying to find one that would sign us. A lot of the guys I know were guys who had their own labels, like Jello Biafra with Alternative Tentacles, Fat Mike at Fat Wreck, Bret at Epitaph, Ian MacKaye at Dischord…. I always thought it was a cool idea to have your own label, but I did not have the money or the connections. That all changed after SMASH came out. From being on an independent label I learned how to run one. I had a little bit of money from SMASH. I had these friends of mine in a band called Guttermouth who were looking for a label, and we got together. We literally started on my kitchen table. I was pressing up records and storing them in my bedroom.
Dexter Holland

I live in Huntington Beach now. I grew up in Garden Grove. I lived there my whole life.
Dexter Holland

These are very scary times. Things can easily escalate more than ever before. Anybody with a backpack and a cell phone can blow up hundreds of people. Our last record came out a few months before 9/11, and it was called A CONSPIRACY OF ONE, and only a generation ago it was the Cold War, with the threat of nuclear weapons. Now I see it as more likely that one person or a small group can inflict that much damage and fear. It was a weird thing to have the album come out only six months before the terror attacks.
Dexter Holland

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