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Magnus Lindberg Quotes

Magnus Lindberg Quotes

I started as a composer very early. I did not grow up in a musical family, and there was no classical music in our home, but my father bought me an accordion at age 6 and by the age of 7 I began writing music. I canít say what my first influence was. The first orchestral scores I purchased were Bartůkís Concerto for Orchestra and Beethovenís Eroica. These I remember well, and both have been important to me ever since.
Magnus Lindberg

I will turn 50 next week and I have not yet done any vocal work. Actually the piece Iím working on right now utilizes choir so perhaps I will in the second half of my life. In 1991 Bernard Fouccrolle, the Brussels opera chef (who is now running the festival in Aix-en-Provence), asked me to write an opera, and now, 17 years later, Iím still digesting this opportunity to write for the stage.
Magnus Lindberg

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