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Jump5 Quotes

Jump5 Quotes

It was the most memorable night of our lives so far. We met President Bush and his wife and they were pretty amazing. They're humble and welcoming.

My mom did, she is a singer. When I was young I would go to the studio with her. I started right after I began to talk and basically learned to sing from her.

I started dancing when I was four. Brittany was in my dance group and there were some older kids, I really looked up to them. I wanted to sing like they did so I started taking vocal lessons.

I wanted to sing when I was dancing and I would always sing. My mom thought I should learn the correct way to sing so she put me in vocal lessons.

There were always shows at my school and they would ask us to sing, so I got into that. And I had other influences, older kids, that helped me get into it.

I started singing because of Brit (his sister.) I would have to wait with mom when she took her lessons, so I figured I might as well take some lessons too and not just sit in the waiting area.

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