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Jamaaladeen Tacuma Quotes

Jamaaladeen Tacuma Quotes

I like in it the idea of me trying to do something that is good for people to hear, something that is not negative. I think that is - in terms of the music - the influence that the islam has had on me. - And as a human being itīs had a better influence, because I am inspired to try to be the best human being that I can! - So, if I can be the best human being, then I can try to make the best music.
Jamaaladeen Tacuma 

I believe that music - in itīs purest form - is sound and rhythm. But when you think of "styles" then you think of "classical rock", "jazz", these different styles. When you talk about music you really donīt think of a style, just of creative musical ideas. 
Jamaaladeen Tacuma 

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