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Huun-Huur-Tu Profile

Kaigal-ool Khovalyg (vocals, throat singing, igil)
Alexander Bapa (vocals, dunggur, dazhaanning khavy, amarga, bells, 1992-95)
Sayan Bapa (vocals, throat singing, doshpuluur, igil, guitar, xomuz, synthesizer)
Albert Kuvezin (vocals, throat singing, guitar, 1992-93)
Anatoli Kuular (vocals, throat singing, xomuz, byzaanchi, 1993-2003)
Alexei Saryglar (vocals, throat singing, igil, dunggur, tuyug, xapchyk, 1995-present)
Andrey Mongush (2003-present)

Associated Acts:
Angelite & Huun-Huur-Tu
Angelite & Moscow Art Trio with Huun-Huur-Tu

Also Called:

World Music

Formed: In 1992 in Kyzyl, Tuva, Russian Federation

Debut Album: Sixty Horses in My Herd (1993)

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