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Gavin Degraw Quotes

“I think that this is the best experience you could have with a television-associated tour, as far as legitimacy is concerned. I know a lot of people might have a problem with it because of its association with young American pop culture. But it's not a dumb, American pop culture, it's just young.?

“As I've played for a wider variety of audiences, I've become more concerned with showing them a good time, ... I hope that when they leave, they feel like they got something different, and that it was worth it to come out on their time off, when they have to work the whole rest of the week. Now that I'm on the road all the time, time off is more valuable to me. So I figure I'd better make it worth their time.?

“From being around live audiences in a lot of cities, I've more developed a desire to hear them react, more than I used to,?

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