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Frank Foster Quotes

Frank Foster Quotes

"My mother used to take me to the summer opera," 
"They had an opera pavilion at the Cincinnati Zoo, believe it or not, and I saw all the major operas before I was 10. And she also took me to symphony concerts, the Cincinnati Symphony. My brother was six years my senior, and he started me listening to the right thing at about age eight, bands like Count Basie, Jimmie Lunceford, and Duke Ellington."
Frank Foster

"When I first went into Bop City," 
"Dexter Gordon was playing there. I walked in with a U.S. Army uniform and a silver-plated tenor saxophone, which was rather tarnished. A lot of people looked at me and thought, `Who's he, and why?' I asked someone if it would be possible to sit in, and they started asking me who did I know and who had I played with. I hadn't really played with anybody, but I'd known someone who had known Sonny Stitt, so I lied and said that I had played with Sonny Stitt.
Frank Foster

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