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Foetus Quotes

Foetus Quotes

I was born in Australia. I am also half Scottish, so I spent a great deal of time there. I ran away from home in 1978 to London and did what I wanted to do. Then in 1983 I moved to New York and have been there ever since. Over the years I have also spent a great deal of time in Berlin and Amsterdam.
James George Thirlwell

I was working in this record store on Oxford Street in London. When the first Nurse With Wound record came out he came into the record store during a break from his job down the street where he worked for a graphics company. He asked if we had his record in stock and I said that we did. He asked me what it was like and I described it to him. He ended up being very impressed that I knew what the record was like without even knowing who he was.
James George Thirlwell(about Steve Stapleton)

When I first started working with Steven, before Nurse With Wound, in the Sylvie and Babs projects, which used to be just Steven and Myself. However Foetus started to take over my life and he ended up using about fifty other contributors for that.
James George Thirlwell

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