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Finger Eleven Quotes

Finger Eleven Quotes

You know what though I was doing an interview and they asked me for a quick rundown on gear, so that's @#$%& funny in the first place. I use a… microphone… and Jay uses an amplifier and @#$%& I have no idea.
Scott Anderson

I love gadgets and stuff, but when it comes to musical equipment, let's say we buy a bigger trailer, and it's bigger by 50%. It'll be full like that [finger click]. There's no @#$%& ceiling for rock gear. It's just a little confounding for a guy like me. I'm simple.
Scott Anderson

That's another reason the gear gets bigger too. Every record you make you've got new sounds and you need to have this to make that sound!
James Black

We put our money where our mouth is. Every band loves their fans, or they say they do. I mean after shows and stuff it's cool to hang out, it really is. Sometimes it's logistically hard, but at the point when we were in Chicago, we had been out of touch with pretty much everyone for nearly two years and apart from that, we were reading stuff on our website that was turning into really @#$%& up rumours.
Scott Anderson

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