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Family Force 5 Quotes

Family Force 5 Quotes

We were young and it was fun and we learned a lot. We toured the world. We grew up on the road. It's kinda like you build blocks from when you're younger [until] you get older. It develops your person. I don't think we would be who we are today as people or as a band if we didn't experience what we did when we were younger.
Joshua Olds

The Brothers was a boy band-ish project we did as kids. It was fun and it taught us a lot about doing music when we were young, but it was not what Family Force 5 is today. We've kinda come full circle.

Christian music has a sound that is very safe and watered-down. There's a lot of kids that are into the lyrics, but the first names that you gravitate toward on the radio—if it's Snoop Dogg, if it's Eminem, if it's Michael W. Smith, the Newsboys—is the music and the melodies and the beat of it. A lot Christian music isn't done that way. It's done in a mold that sells to an older demographic—soccer moms, businessmen and stuff like that—and that's totally fine.

Our lyrics are what they are. There are some songs that are just about dancing in the club. It's up to the listener if they want to listen in on what we've got to say. It's up to them to discover. We're not only for Christian kids to listen to, to be ministered to. We're also giving this to kids in the secular market so that they have a positive message and a positive fun thing.

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