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Def Squad Quotes

Def Squad Quotes

"This might be my last hurrah//I'ma rock now til tomorrow" 
Erick Sermon

"I came on the intro with 'The Rapture.' If you know what the rapture is, it's the coming of Jesus, and I had to take it off because of what happened...I had the destruction, the bombs, and...the world coming to a end, so it had to come off." 
Erick Sermon

"There's no window, there's no fall. Get that out of your head. Hell no! I didn't fall from nothing like that. I would have been laid up for months and months, I had just finished doing my video, I was excited about that. I was riding around, just happy and chillin'. Got to Jersey and that was it. Got to the wrong spot where I wasn't supposed to be at. I woke up in the hospital." 
Erick Sermon

I don't give a f**k what Def Jam do, I'll let them know that when I'm out on these damn roads I'm shaking these motherf***n hands on my own. I don't need no third party. Like if I had to meet you and you say you need an interview, you don't have to go through all these things to get me on the phone. I'll be like "Yo, listen, just call me right quick and we'll be direct with it. And I think people respect that a little more than a third party. 

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