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Daevid Allen Quotes

Daevid Allen Quotes

We did all this stuff. He was an incredible oiler of wheels, Giorgio. Extraordinary social genius who could sort of like really connect people up, one of the great connectors. He got me involved with doing some kind of loop project with Paul McCartney that never really finished up getting anywhere, but still it was interesting to talk to him about it. So I saw Giorgio as this marvelous, somewhat devious, brilliant, witty, charming, middle European gentleman of the type I've always loved all my life. [I've] always liked this kind of strange hybrid cultural beings that seem to be able to move easily in any circumstance, and get the best out of any circumstance. That's more or less the way I see Giorgio to this day. He's still got that ability. He's an incredible creative wheeler and dealer.
Daevid Allen

“I used to find that when i first started smoking dope, it was about 1960, it was kind of outrageous and nobody much knew about it, and it was a real exciting thing to do, like a big adventure. But now I really see, well yeah ok…smoke dope but let’s not you know, give it any outrageous claims. It used to be capable of expanding consciousness and giving people a kind of spiritual direction, but it’s like counterfeit money, you know…it looks the same, the experience seems the same, but it’s really super-misleading, it takes you right along the wrong path- and people who get hooked into dope, after the first experience with dope, can just endlessly go up their own…er…mmm…spiralling up their own..how can I put that without having you shutdown..(laughter)oohh right up their own ‘basic cavity’ shall we say (laughing) because it’s not…what is it you know…it’s like er, it’s a big hallucination.
Daevid Allen

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