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Chuck Loeb Quotes

Chuck Loeb Quotes

ďI think about when I first started playing the guitar - I can really sum it up in one word,Ē 
ďWhen I heard the music I wanted to play, I loved it so much. It was the love of the music that drove me to want to pursue it and go after what I want. A student should try to hold onto the initial desire and love that they have for it.Ē
Chuck Loeb

You know, I think probably the thing that means the most to me, I have to be honest, is the composing part, because songs live forever. When you go out and play, thatís a thrilling exhilarating experience to play for people. I love it. Itís really important to me. Of course, producing is really a fun thing for me to do. I love being in a studio helping artists fulfill the vision of what their music should be. I love that. When you write a song, itís a very special feeling because, first of all, it has a life of its own. Once you write that song, it really is an entity to itself. I heard people say that itís kind of like youíre the vessel. Itís kind of out there and goes through you and comes into existence like giving birth.
Chuck Loeb

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