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Chris Connelly Quotes

Chris Connelly Quotes

I grew up in Edinbourough, Scotland, and I had one brother. I suppose I had a pretty normal, catastrophic childhood. It was a good place and time to grow up. I did most of my growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s. I went to an all boys’ school. It has affected my work. Most things I do have direct links to what I did when I was younger.
Chris Connelly

Basically when I first joined Ministry. I was attracted to their music because it had lots of the noise and nihilism that I craved in music – which was present in many of the bands of the time. But that music to me was nebulous—Throbbing Gristle and so forth. Their stuff had rhythms, but lots of it was basically free form. Ministry and Revolting Cocks songs had real basic four on the floor dance rhythms. with the noise on top, and that made it more palpable to me. W hat they were doing was also quite similar to the experiments that Adrian Sherwood was doing with dub music: he was using heavier beats and drum sounds. We were making dance music for sure. It was for dancing and you can still dance to it. Death disco is a very basic way to describe it but it’s also quite accurate.
Chris Connelly

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