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Cathedral Quotes

Cathedral Quotes

I’m get kind of a bit tired when people say all you’ve done is gone back to your roots. Stuff like that. I mean yeah, we’ve gone back to our roots, but we brought the older sound forward. We haven’t blatently tried to do our first album over and over again. When we first started writing material for this album we knew we were going to aim at making the material a lot heavier, a lot slower, and a lot darker.
Lee Dorrian

"After all this time we kind of got a bit frustrated by the conception that people started having of Cathedral--all this quirky, humor kind of stuff. And people, especially in England, it’s like "that band that wears bellbottoms and sounds like Black Sabbath and sing about disco", all this kind of stuff. Just because we had a bit of a sense of humor it got taken to the extreme. It was just time for us to prove to ourselves and to the people who listen to us we are a serious band, we’re serious about our music. We don’t want to be seen as a joke band or a quirky humorous band all the time, although we have a sense of humor. It was time for us to rid ourselves of a lot of the clichés that we’ve built up around us.
Lee Dorrian

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