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Barenaked Ladies Quotes

"Aaron, a lot of people probably would not attempt a song like that. The reality is that's a song that you really have to have fun with. It's not really a singing kind of song. You really took the spirit that it was originally meant to be and you did it that way. Good job!?

"The trauma of the mic not working has caused me to forget the words to the damn song..." Steven
(when his mic wouldn't work during Old Straw Hat and Dirty Hank)

"The fact that 'Barenaked Ladies' made us laugh and reminded us of when we used to look through the women's underwear section of the Sears catalog when we were 8. Once Ed got our first gig, he told them we were the Barenaked Ladies, and there was no turning back or else how would the 7 people there find us again?"

"Ladies and gentlemen, there is a debate over those-those - what do you call them - mp3s. Should you be downloading stuff and burning your own cds? Well, here's the answer folks: As long as you dont believe in the internet, like barenaked Ladies - we refuse to believe that the internet exists - there is no problem with mp3s in the music business. You cannot steal something if there is nothing to steal. What is the sound of one band talking? There is nothing to steal if there is no internet. If there is no internet, there is no need for a monitor on your computer. Just type and touch your privates. I didnt even buy a monitor. It's all in my imagination. It's all in my imagination."

Ed (talking about his and Kevin's visit to a water park in the afternoon):"Everyone was lined up for the slide on the right because some kid blew chunks on the one on the left"
Steve: "Well, was it a kind of liquidy foam or full on peas and carrots?" (at this point a woman in the audience covered her ears...)
Ed:"We're making her sick! Get a camera on her! Puke! Puke! Puke!"

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