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Artsruni Quotes

Artsruni Quotes

I graduated Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory in vocals in 1994. Since 1991 I was soloing with “Narek” Male Choir, State Academic Cappella of Armenia and “Haysmavourk” Mediaeval Choir. But I was in music well before that, in 1984-1986 I was playing in the band of a legendary Armenian minstrel Arthur Meschian featuring in guitar. It did the start to my music life, which I decided to recommence after graduating Yerevan Medical University and obtaining a Master’s Degree in 1991. In 1995-1997 as Artistic Director I organized four students festivals. At this time I was performing music in projects, in more sympho rock oriented style. 
Vahan Artsruni

Economic situation is very bad. One system, which was far not perfect, was broken, but something yet ridiculous was created instead. Many non-competent people rule the country. It’s a problem. Common people live very hard life due to selfishness and egoism of dilettante administrators abundant after ineffective reforms. Cultural life is blooming, especially this year when all Armenia, together with the whole world is celebrating 1700th Anniversary of Adopting Christianity as State Religion. Practically every day there have been concerts and other events.
Vahan Artsruni

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