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Android Lust Tour Dates

Android Lust Tour Dates

08.11.07 Pittsburgh, PA Pegasus Flyer 
08.13.07 St. Louis, MO Dante's Flyer St. Louis Gothic 
08.15.07 Denver, CO Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Flyer Pharoahmoan Productions 
08.16.07 Salt Lake City, UT Area 51 Flyer Sanctuary 
08.18.07 Anaheim, CA Bat's Day in the Park bat's Day Myspace 
08.19.07 San Francisco, CA DNA Lounge
08.22.07 Houston, TX The Engine Room Club Havoc Havoc Myspace 
08.24.07 Charlotte, NC Amos' Southend Music Hall Flyer Purgatory Myspace 
08.25.07 Philadelphia, PA Shampoo Dracula's Ball 

07.14.06 Long Island, NY Nocturnal Creatures
07.21.06 Madison, WI Reverence 2006
07.23.06 Chicago, IL Cafe Lura
07.28.06 New Haven, CT Blacksun Festival
08.19.06 Newark, NJ QXT
10.23.06 Ann Arbor, MI CANCELLED
10.24.06 Chicago, IL Subterranean
10.27.06 Las Vegas, NV Bar Code
10.28.06 Los Angeles, CA Bar Sinister
10.30.06 Austin, TX Elysium
10.31.06 Houston, TX HaVok
11.03.06 Washington, D.C. Bound @ Club Lime
12.02.06 Albany, NY Valentine's
12.03.06 Toronto, ON Funhaus

11.15.05 Denver, CO Rock island Deviant, Caustic Soul 
11.17.05 Albuquerque, NM OPM Diverje 
11.19.05 Phoenix, AZ Sadisco* Sang.Rael 
11.22.05 San Francisco, CA DNA Lounge Equilibrium 
11.24.05 Las Vegas, NV CANCELLED Unter Null 
11.26.05 Hollywood, CA Bar Sinister N/A 
11.28.05 Seattle, WA The Vogue Tau Factor 
11.29.05 Portlnd, OR Sabala's Mt. Tabor Zonewire, Sonic Alchemy 
11.30.05 Boise, ID The Bouquet N/A 
12.01.05 Salt Lake City, UT Club Vegas Carfax Files, Domiana 

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