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Amebix Quotes

Amebix Quotes

A is for arsehole of which I am one. M is for mammeries, for they'reso much fun. E is for excreta, the world's full of shit. B is for bollox to mankind. I is for ID, egotism's this game. X was just thrown in to make up the name. Or, alternately read aphids.

Yes, we've been squatting [line unreadable]... one bedsit (1 room, cooker, fridge etc.) which 3 of us rented and lived in for a while. Squatting's OK in the summer, but unless you have electricity and heating in the winter it can be very uncomfortable. Welived in Hampton Road two winters back and the roof was caving in and the windows weresmashed, and on top of this there was no electricity and it was snowing - we nearly froze,it was really bad.

I was a vegetarian for a while but not anymore. So many people over here try to ram their vegetarian ideals down your throat, but if anyone tells me what to do, I inevitably dothe opposite.

My songwriting is often inspired by conversations within our band, and everybody puts forward suggestions now and again. As far as who are we trying to get through to, well basically as many people as possible, we want to play to all spectrums of society, as most bands these days are just preaching to the converted instead of trying to get through to the rest of the world. If you feel you have a valid message to put across, then surely you should tell everyone and leave them to make what they can of it. 

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