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Alusa Fallax Quotes

Alusa Fallax Quotes

The group was formed in 1969; it was a couple of years, since when I was at high school and had private lessons for the Academy of Music piano and composition exams, that I was a regular attender of record companies and studios, I had also collaborated with some arrangers among which Augusto Martelli. 
One day I was asked by a small discographer to make a song based on Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana. I wrote a Procol Harum-styled song, a lyricist wrote the words and the song was ready to be recorded. It was common practice in those days to start with a song and then choose the interpreter, and in this case this was a hard task. 
For this reason we looked around for a new group, and I helped in the search. A schoolmate of mine, guitarist/singer Guido Gabet, had just joined a group, Gli Adelfi, that also included a keyboardist and three brothers on guitar, bass and drums. He asked me to go and hear them in their rehearsal room, and I found them very interesting, especially for their enthusiasm in improving and making something good. 
So we arranged an audition, choosing the drummer as lead vocalist, changed the name to Alusa Fallax, that we felt more attractive and intriguing, and recorded the single. The keyboardist showed his technical limits, and I had to replace him for the recording session. 
Massimo Parretti

We were all born between 1948 and 1952. 
It's difficult to say which has been a musical source of inspiration for us. There has surely been the convergence of many different influences, mixed during long nights of jamming and talking. My first inspiration came in 1969 when I heard the B side of The Beatles' Abbey Road, I was impressed by the long suite of connected tracks that lasted for about a quarter hour.
Massimo Parretti

I can say we used to be full-time musicians, we were all university students but never attended the lessons because we were so busy with the music. 
We all lived with our families, but we earned enough to live with the concerts, not with the records, and often we played three or four times a week in discotheques with room for 4000-5000 people, that were very common at the time when the "disco-music" was only used to open the exhibitions of rock bands. 
Massimo Parretti

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