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All Star United Quotes

All Star United Quotes

We went about this whole thing backwards, usually you have a name, songs, and a fan base before you get a deal. We kind of leap frogged off of Ian's solo career into the band, so when it was time to come up with a name, we had to appease the record label as well (which wasn't easy!) We spent our days back then driving around in our van making lists of names. Some were awesome, some left a lot to be desired. But the label hated all of them. There suggestions were absolutly horrific! At one point we were almost the Sugartones. It was a good thing we didn't pick that, 'cause two weeks later we heard the Supertones for the first time, and that would have been pretty confusing. Finally, after submitting a name to the label and being rejected for the umpteenth time, we firmly stated, "OK, it's All Star United or the Tigers!" They finally agreed to All Star United (after turning it down originally). We are glad; we like the name; it looks great on a t-shirt! 
Christian Crowe

We feel that we reflect our influences, while adding enough of our own flair to make any song that we do an All Star Classic!
Christian Crowe

I hope that people realize that we were not trying to cash in on the "Smash Hit," all we wanted to do was entertain, and write songs that pointed out that life without God was and is pointless, and that the only way to have eternal life is through Him.
Christian Crowe

I'm still Ian Eskelin. You know, I'm a solo artist and in All Star United but you know the format is just a little different. I'm the kind of guy who's overwhelmed with melodies sometimes. I know it's a God-given gift. I write truckloads of songs every year and I can't stop writing them. I write for a lot of different people. I won't get into that now, but to answer your question, the difference would be that All Star United is kind of a group of five or six of my friends that kind of have become this fluid community over the years. Whenever I feel like I have ten or eleven songs that I want to record, I pick up the Bat phone and call them and we're in the studio pretty much immediately. 
Ian Eskelin

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