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All Girl Summer Fun Band Tour Dates

All Girl Summer Fun Band Tour Dates

8.13.05 Canby, OR @ The Kidney Kid's Camp 
8.6.05 Portland, OR @ The Loveland (Pdx Pop Now Festival) 
5.3.05 Portland, OR @ Berbati's Pan w/ The Lucksmiths, Tullycraft, and Andrew Kaffer 

12.3.04 Portland, OR @ Lewis and Clark College 
10.22.04 Portland, OR @ Nocturnal w/ Sleater Kinney and The Gossip. All ages. 
9.25.04 Chicago, IL Estrojam Festival @ The Metro 
7.31.04 San Francisco, CA @ Ladyfest Bay Area 
6.20.04 Utrecht, Netherlands @ DB´s 
6.21.04 Nancy, France @ Washington Bar 
6.22.04 Lyon, France @ KiKiKaiKai 
6.23.04 München, Germany @ Atomic Café 
6.24.04 Freiburg, Germany @ KTS 
6.25.04 Kaiserslautern, Germany @ ASTA-Sommerfest / Uni-Campus 
6.26.04 Münster, Germany @ Gleis 22 
6.27.04 Berlin, Germany @ Magnet 
6.28.04 Hamburg, Germany @ Molotow 
6.29.04 Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Rotown 
6.30.04 Groningen, Netherlands @ Vera 
7.1.04 Paris, France @ Mains D'Oeuvres 
2.27.04 Portland, OR @ The Meow Meow 

9.30.03 Spokane, WA @ The Detour
9.28.03 Spearfish, SD @ The Loft 
9.27.03 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club
9.26.03 Madison, WI @ Catacombs Coffee House
9.25.03 Ann Arbor, MI @ Neutral Zone 
9.24.03 Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern
9.23.03 Kalamazoo, MI @ Kraftbrau Brewery
9.22.03 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge with Our Missiles are Scientific 
9.20.03 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
9.19.03 Omaha, NE @ The 49er Lounge
9.18.03 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
9.17.03 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court 
7.1.03 Eugene, Oregon @ My House 
6.29.03 San Francisco, California @ Bottom of the Hill
6.28.03 Los Gatos, California @ The Outhouse
6.27.03 San Jose, California @ Street Light Records 
6.26.03 Anaheim, California @ Chain Reaction 
6.25.03 Los Angeles, CA @ Knitting Factory
6.24.03 Phoenix, Arizona @ Modified w/ Saturday Looks Good To Me
6.23.03 Albuquerque, New Mexico @ The Walls
6.22.03 Denver, Colorado @ Larimer Lounge
6.22.03 Denver, Colorado @ Ladyfest Outwest 
6.21.03 Salt Lake City, Utah @ Kilby Court 
6.20.03 Boise, Idaho @ The Sotano
6.19.03 Portland, Oregon @ The Blackbird 
7.18.03 7.19.03 Anacortes, Washington @ "What the Heck Fest Festival" Jen and Kim will be representing AGSFB! 
6.13.03 Seattle, Washington @ The Crocodile Cafe w/ The Girls, The Divorce, Visqueen 
5.12.03 Portland, Oregon @ Nocturnal w/Drastic Plastic & Half Seas Over 
5.10.03 Portland, OR @ The Magic Marker House Record Release Party all ages & free kickball & bbq (bring food)
2.16.03 Seattle, Washington @ The Crocodile Cafe 

10.26.02 New York City @ The Fez, Chickfactor 10th Anniversary Party w/ Would-Be-Goods, the Pacific Ocean, Gilmore Tamny, Legendary Jim Ruiz 
10.25.02 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Vassar College w/ Calvin Johnson, Little Wings, The Blow 
10.24.02 (cancelled) Stony Brook, N.Y. SUNY Stony Brook, sponsored by WUSB-FM with Calvin Johnson, Little Wings, the Blow 
8.31.02 Portland, Oregon @ the Crystal Ballroom w/ The Shins and Helio Sequence 
8.30.02 Portland, Oregon @ Mississippi Pizza with Mr. Brownsuit (from LA, California) and 01 (pop music). All ages 
7.27.02 San Francisco, CA @ Ladyfest Bay Area 
5.18.02 Tacoma, WA @ the Tacoma Public Library. Rock the Books! All ages show w/ Typing Explosion 
5.11.02 Portland, OR @ The Alladin Theater w/ Puffy AmiYumi (from Japan) All ages 
4.5.02 Portland, OR @ Red and Black Cafe with The Dimes, The Culottes, and Desert City Soundtrack. All Ages 
3.29.02 San Francisco, CA at the Bearded Lady Cafe with The Dimes, The Culottes and Boyskout -All Ages 
3.28.02 San Pedro,CA (just south of L.A.) at Sacred Grounds -With The Dimes, The Culottes and New Bethel -All Ages 
3.27.02 San Luis Obispo,CA at Railroad Cafe, 1804 Osos St. All Ages 
3.26.02 Santa Cruz, CA at Cafe Pergolesi with The Dimes, Oliver Brown, and The Culottes, 418 Cedar St., All Ages 
3.24.02 San Francisco, CA at 1010 1/2 Alabama St. With The Bright Ideas and The Fairways -All Ages 
3.23.02 Sacramento,CA at The Espresso Metro March. With Electro Group and The Bright Ideas (featuring Scott from Nar!)-All Ages 
3.22.02 Eugene, OR House show - With The Dimes and The Culottes-All Ages 
3.1.02 Seattle, WA. @ The EMP (Experience Music Project) w/ Tami Hart 
2.9.02 Seattle, WA @ Local 46 (Vera Project) w/ Dub Narcotic Sound System and C.O.C.O. 
2.8.02 Olympia, WA w/ Dub Narcotic Sound System, Operation Makeout 
2.5.02 Portland, OR @ The Meow Meow. AGSFB Record Release show! w/ Calvin Johnson, James Mercer (the shins) and The dimes 
2.3.02 Portland, OR Kim Baxter playing accoustic at hot cocoa night at the meow meow 
2.2.02 Portland, OR @ The Crystal Ballroom w/ Modest Mouse. All ages. 
1.23.02 Portland, OR @ the Meow Meow w/ Track Star and Mates of State. All ages. 

11.10.01 Portland, OR @ Joy. All Ages. AGSFB with The S.C.U.M. Band and Fauna Polly. 
9.3.01 Portland, OR @ The Meow Meow. All Ages w/ Jay from Wolf Colonel and Bobby Birdman. 
8.25.01 Portland, OR @ The Meow Meow. All Ages. Rock and Roll Camp for Girls Showcase. 
7.26.01 Portland, OR @ The Robot Steakhouse. All Ages. w/ Dimes, MT & the Space Tigers, and Carmen for Orchestra. 
6.29.01 Portland, OR @ Stumptown Coffee on Division. Kim Baxter, Butterfly Transformation Service, Bobby Birdman, and Little Wings 
5.18.01 Portland, OR @ The Meow Meow. All Ages. w/ Jollenes and The Pussywhips. 

3.23.00 Santa Cruz, CA w/ Oliver Brown and Spike and Princess 
3.22.00 San Jose, CA @ Channel One w/ The Paper Cuts 
3.20.00 San Francisco, CA @ the Poundsign/Fairways House 
3.19.00 Portland, OR @ The Magic Marker House 
3.18.00 Olympia, WA @ The Midnight Sun w/ Lois 

7.22.98 Our first show ever!!! Portland, OR @ The Magic Marker House w/ The Push Kings, Tullycraft, and Kissing Book. All Ages

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