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30 Seconds to Mars Quotes

Well, we played this place in Jacksonville, we played it once before like three years ago, and there was like 50 people there. We played it again, it was just us, and there was 850. So that was amazing.

By doing what we did, and going to different countries, we got the opportunity to experience different cultures. That kind of helped us make a broader album...forced us to grow, which is what we wanted to do.

It was kind of a nice departure too, because the ten songs on the record were written over three years, and the other two songs, we went to a studio in Chicago and it took us two days. It was definitely a departure form our whole process which is another good example of change.

No, the thing is that everyone wanted the same thing. We all wanted great songs. I am definitely passionate about what I do, and if I write a song, and say I really believe in it and I see it this way. It's really hard for someone if they don't feel as passionate to fight against that. If they do, then we would take a pause and look at some thing, but it was very rare that things ever came down to that. It was a couple of times when maybe Matt thought differently about something, and I was like, "Look, just follow me here for a moment," then eventually maybe I would talk him out of his idea. I don't know [laughing]. They definitely showed me things at times that I didn't expect. So it worked both ways. I definitely had the advantage because I was living with the song most of the time longer than these guys would, so I would have a different perspective. But there were certain circumstances like Shannon inspired the song "Yesterday, " Matt inspired the song "Battle Of One," so it was a great sense of collaboration that went on. There was also a guideline that was setup by the first record, something that was melodic, something that was atmospheric and dark, and something that wasn't just super straight ahead. Of course Shannon plays how he plays, I sing how I sing and these guys all do the same as well, so they all add their personality into it regardless if I am writing the song or not. I think everyone's personality is felt in all different ways. It made my job easier. I didn't have to wear so many hats this time. It was a lot less lonely of an experience, and it was more fun, that's for sure.

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