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2Gether Quotes

Bob Buss: A band's name can either make or break it
Chad: How bout Matchbox 20
Jerry: No There's already a Mathchbox 20
Chad: Matchbox 30
Doug: Chad!
Chad: Then something else with 30
Bob: What are we about, what does this band represent
Doug: Superstardom, good time
Chad: Just this van and driving, Driving!
Jerry: Yeah why don't we call ourselves driving
Chad: Driving 30
Jerry: Listin I Don't Know you guys that well but when I think about where I wanna go, what I really wanna do I think about singing
Doug: Yeah and hanging out together
Bob: That's it together but we won't spell it together t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r we'll spell it 2gether with a numural 2 and gether
Doug & Jerry: Yeah!
Chad: That idea is stupid if there's gonna be 5 guys we should be 5gether
Bob: No!, 2gether sells out the LA collusium, 2gether goes triple platinum
Chad: I don't know about you guys but I'm calling myself something else

Chad (out of breath): Being in a boyband isn't fun anymore. I wish I were a Teletubby,
preferably the red one...he's really short and cute.

"If there's gonna be 5 guys, we should be called 5Gether"-Chad

Dude we're gonna get so many chicks, and I'm ready for 'em. watch this"(starts talking with his hand)"Oh QT, you're the best looking member of 2gether "Shhh... don't speak"(kisses his hand and it all goes downhill form there)-QT

"Everyone's talking about QT's problems but I was up on that stage in that fat guy suit literally suffocating to death. and while I was rolling around I was still trying to contribute to the group by making as many laser noises as humanly possible"-Chad

"I should dress like R2D2 and Doug could be Jaba the Hut. Jerry could dress like Princess Leia"-Chad

Bob:Chad, do you like your brother?
Chadconfused smileyometimes
Bob:No wait see that's not gonna fly with the press you always like your brother. Doug do you like your brother
Doug:I love him
Bob:Chad, is that true what you told me before that sometimes you like your brother but not always
Chadtongue sticking out smileyretty much yeah
Bob:This is an interview
Chad:I thought it was you asking me as yourself like "Chad do you like your brother" and I like him sometimes
Bob:Work on it okay (Later)
Bobconfused smileyeriously Chad, this is very important for me to know. Do you always like your brother?
Chad:I don't always always like him"
(later)Bob:Chad, do you love your brother?
Chad:I love him always, I love him like a brother.

QT: Wait up guys, i gotta go find some chicks!

"Look at you,you ain't no gangster! You're all Mr. 2% milk, Mr. khaki pants,Mr. touched by an angel...get out my face!"-Mickey Parke

Nigel: "What I want you to do for the commercial is to ride the Sea Doo across the water, wind in your face, havin' a blast. "
Chad: "Do these go in water?!?!?!"

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