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Xzibit Quotes

See the first album was a point in my life, the second album was a point in my life and the third we definitely gonna hit a different point. But I’m not going to change up my style or try to be somebody I’m not just for the sake of Soundscan. If we hit’em hard enough whether we jiggin’ or not, we gonna do our thing. I wouldn’t say I stopped putting personal sh*t into my music cause I haven’t, but I feel that I kinda like toned it down a little from now to the first album. The first album was just raw meat, without no condom or nothing; just straight up, givin’ it up.

I don’t know. I just can’t leach onto anything else. I done lived out in California since I was 15 you know. I mean, I was born and raised in Detroit and I just keep being who I am. I think what’s keepin’ me tight as Xzibit is the fact that I don’t change up or sound like anybody from the West you know. I think that if I did I would be cheating myself and a lot of people who enjoy my sound. I think that what’s going on is that we breakin’ the stereotype and we not tryin’ to sound like the traditional West Coast sound that everybody is used to hearin’. So now that we breakin’ molds and everything, hopefully we can be put down as West Coast hip hop instead of West Coast rap.

My mom is dead. Me and my dad are like this (crosses his fingers).To have a relationship like that with my father is cool. My father appreciates what I’ve done with my life. He appreciated how responsible I am. He’s sees how I am with my son. See I was a real f*ck up when I was young.

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