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Miami Sound Machine Profile

Gloria Estefan (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Emilio Estefan (percussion, congas)
Merci Navarro Murciano (vocals, percussion, 1977-82)
Juan Marcos Avila (bass, sax, percussion, 1977-85)
Luis Serrano (bass, 1977-79)
Enrique "Kiki" Garcia (drums, percussion, 1977-88)
Raul Murciano (keyboards, sax, percussion, 1977-81)
A. Bobby Martinez (sax, flute, piccolo, 1979)
Alfonso Kettner (guitar, 1979)
Wesley B Wright (guitar, 1980-85)
Victor Lopez (trumpet, 1981-87)
Luis Perez (trombone, 1981-87)
Roger Fisher (keyboards, 1982-87)
George Marge (sax, 1982)
Rubins Basini (percussion, 1982)
Gustavo Lezcano (harmonica, 1982-87)
Elena Stracuzzi (bass, 1982)
Leo Villar (trumpet, 1984-87)
Betty Cortes (vocals, 1984-85)
Rafael Padilla (percussion, 1985-87)
Jorge Casas (bass, 1987)
Clay Ostwald (keyboards, 1987)
John DeFaria (guitar, 1987)
Randy Barlow (trumpet, 1987)


Formed: In 1975 in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Did You Know:
The group disbanded in 1987

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