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Miami Sound Machine Discography

Miami Sound Machine Discography

Let It Loose
Release Date: 1987

1. Betcha Say That 
2. Let It Loose 
3. Can't Stay Away From You 
4. Give It Up 
5. Surrender 
6. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You 
7. Love Toy 
8. I Want You So Bad - Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machin 
9. 1-2-3 
10. Anything For You 

Primitive Love
Release Date: 1985

1. Body to Body
2. Primitive Love
3. Words Get in the Way
4. Bad Boy
5. Falling in Love (Uh-Oh) 
6. Conga
7. Mucho Money
8. You Made a Fool of Me
9. Movies
10. Surrender Paradise

Eyes of Innocence
Release Date: 1984

1. Dr. Beat
2. Prisoner of Love
3. OK
4. Love Me
5. Orange Express 
6. I Need a Man
7. Eyes of Innocence
8. When Someone Comes into Your Life
9. I Need Your Love
10. Do You Want to Dance

Miami Sound Machine
Release Date: 1978

1 Usted abuso 
2 Lejos de ti 
3 Quiereme 
4 Nustro romance se acabo 
5 Triste 
6 Que pasa mi amor 
7 Aquel romance

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