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MC Hammer Quotes

MC Hammer Quotes

I make an active effort to remain a positive role model to kids. They need people to show them there's another way.

Well, when we say image, we have to understand that clothing does not change a person's character, so i've never done what they call gangsta rap that's not my thing. That's the next man's thing if thats how he chooses to come more power to him. But as for Hammer, i've always done the type of music that's entertaining and fun. From 'it's all good' all the way back to 'let's get it started'.

Well, we have to realize the truth about the person who is a hip-hop insider. Most of these people are not really insiders. They are people who are chosen to do an interview and they will make a statement and say that they are a part of the hip-hop culture, but from an intellectual standpoint, they are not very sharp, because back in '1990..'91 one would criticize somebody for doing one type of commercial and say that's not real hip-hop and then another rapper turns around and sell them malt liquor and say that's real hip hop.

We have been lead as the hip hop generation. We have been once again lead by people who are under qualified. It's like they just got a pair of new jeans..They just started wearing them below their belt 2 months ago.

Well, follow who you want to follow. It depends on what your fantasies are. You understand. People have different fantasies in life. The suburban culture. Always dream of being gangstas.

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