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McFly Quotes

McFly Quotes

It's been amazing, we couldn't even have imagined what was going to happen, we haven't had time to stand still. It is very exciting but we are working hard all the time and know we have to fight to keep our success rolling.

We always try to make sure we get the time. When we toured with Busted we found we got a lot of writing done and that was a really great time to work on new material.

Yeah absolutely, we will definitely combine the tour with writing. Time to sit down with our instruments and play is really important.

Well, thereíve been so many itís difficult to count, but if I had to choose, Iíd say playing live at the Olympic Torch concert, in front of 80,000 people. We were all incredibly nervous, but it was a brilliant experience.

I don't support anyone now. I turned into a glory supporter - I went onto support Manchester United.

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