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McFly Profile

McFly Profile

Tom Fletcher (born July 17th, 1985)
Danny Jones (born March 12th, 1986)
Dougie Poynter (born November 30th, 1987)
Harry Judd (born December 23rd, 1985)

Pop rock
Pop punk

Name Game: Tom Fletcher fascination with the Back to the Future trilogy

Breakthrough Singles:
"5 Colours in Her Hair", (2004)
"Obviously" (2004)
All About You/You've Got A Friend (March 2005)
I'll Be OK (August 2005)
Please, Please / Don't Stop Me Now (July 2006)

Debut Album: Room on the 3rd Floor July 7th, 2004

Did You Know:
They starred in the movie Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan.

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