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The Marshall Tucker Band Quotes

The Marshall Tucker Band Quotes

I've learned a lot of things from Paul and Stewart Levine and others that it's just amazing how they just let us play - as confused as we were - and never once restricted it and let it come together.
George McCorkle

I was always intrigued by story songs and it was always a challenge to write a complete story and get it in the structure of a song. I was very influenced by westerns, the early cowboys, in my childhood going to western movies. I think that's why I was influenced to write in that direction. Doug always got on me - I'm a wordy writer.
George McCorkle

I’d known Doug for years, even before he was in Marshall Tucker. He used to rehearse with another band at his parent’s house, which was across the street from where my grandparents lived. I used to sit on their front porch steps and listen and say “Wow! There’s a band playing over there!” Anyway, in 1984 I was on the road with a lounge band when my buddy, Ace Allen, who’d joined MTB a few weeks before, called and said Doug might be giving me a call to ask if I wanted to join, too. Sure enough Doug called and I said “yeah, I’ll do it”!
Stuart Swanlund

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