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The Marshall Tucker Band Profile

Tommy Caldwell (bass, vocals)
Toy Caldwell (guitars, vocals)
George McCorkle (guitars)
Paul Riddle (drums)
Jerry Eubanks (flute, saxophone, vocals)
Doug Gray (vocals)
Franklin Wilkie (bass, vocals)
Ronnie Godfrey (piano, keyboards, vocals)
Rusty Milner (guitars)
Bob Wray (bass)
James Stroud (drums)
Kenny Mimms (guitar)
Bobby Ogdin (piano, keyboards)
Stuart Swanlund (guitars)
Tom Robb (bass)
David "Ace" Allen (drums)
Tim Lawter (bass, vocals)
Don Cameron (keyboards, vocals)
Frank Toler (drums)
Mark Petty (keyboards)
Ronald Radford (guitars, keyboards)
Paul Thompson (keyboards)
Garry Guzzardo (drums)
David Muse (flute, keyboards, saxophone, vocals, organ, synthesizer, horn, mandolin)
B.B. Borden (drums)
Chris Hicks (guitars)
David Muse (saxophone, flute, keyboards, vocals)
Clay Cook (saxophone, flute, keyboards)
Tony Heatherly (bass)
Pat Elwood (bass)

Southern Rock

Formed: In 1971 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, U.S.A.

Debut Album: The Marshall Tucker Band (1973)

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