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Jay Sean Quotes

Jay Sean Quotes

Well, I guess I'm kinda the new kid on the music scene! Most of you probably don't know me yet, but some of you may have heard me on the new Rishi Rich joint 'Dance with You'...Without going into too much detail. I'm a 22-year-old medical student (REALLY trying to convince myself of that) but I've been a singer/songwriter on the side for a while now, and I've JUST been lucky enough to clinch a record deal with a major label.

Yeah, it true, there's new artists coming up everyday, especially with all these "Reality T.V" programmes like Pop Idol and Fame Academy, who are probably responsible for like a dozen of the new acts in the last year or so! And then there's the 'manufactured bands' advertised for in the papers, so the market becomes saturated with artists who are willing to compromise their position in order to reach fame and I'm not really with that. I wanted to maintain my integrity as an artist, and write and sing material, which is true to me, thats the only way - I could see myself keeping it real and not being a victim of corporate manipulation.

One thing that remains consistent throughout anything I do in life really is remaining true to myself and trusting my gut instincts.

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