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Barry Manilow Quotes

Barry Manilow Quotes

“I feel that after all those horrible reviews and jokes, I wasn't crazy all these years to stand up for the music I believe in. This album has proven that somewhere in the human race, the human heart is still racing and breaking and I am so grateful.”

“I've always avoided a 'fixed' show that repeated the same thing every night, ... I'm glad that the Las Vegas Hilton and 'Music & Passion' have given us all the chance to surprise the audience every night. And over the next 150 shows, there'll be lots of surprises!”

“It's unbearable what we've seen — and it's not done yet.”

“I think if Unchained Melody does what I think it can do, I think there is an audience out there that would heave a sigh of relief, that finally there is a melody and orchestration, production and a vocalist that is giving them a song that they can just listen to ... and not be annoyed by the vocal acrobatics that vocalists seem to think is impressive.”

“There's just no quiet in Vegas.”

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